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Sunline Ag

Drainage System 6.5 - 22 - 6.5 Roll of 525 feet,


Drainage system to collect runoff water

Sunline Ag.  supplies Drainage Gutter Systems plus special spacers.

These growers using drainage gutters can ask for a drainage gutter in any width and length size. The widths of the gutters can vary between 20-100 cm, depending on the size of the pots or bags.

All these Cannabis troughs and drainage Gutters have already been in use by the Cannabis growing community for a few good years, in different locations world-wide.

Any grower who orders the Growing System will receive the full system, with all the necessary accessories, to enable the system to work perfectly. Self-assembly is simple with the growing system (a full "lego" kit). The price includes all elements required for its assembly.

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