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Thyme Summer Certified Organic

Sunline Ag

Thyme Summer Certified Organic


Thymus vulgaris

Superb Compact &
Hardy Plant
Very Aromatic


Thyme Ayelet Type: Classic Culinary Herb Thymus Vulgaris/ Labiatae Genesis Organic Breeding Leaf description: • Minature elliptic miniature dark green leaves • Superb aroma and flavor • Used as culinary and medicinal herb Plant description: • Small perennial bushy evergreen • Very hardy • Size: 25X25cm. (10X10”) • Flowers early summer • Attractive small lilac flowers • Full light, warm weather plant • 90–95 days from planting to harvest • Ave.: 4200 seeds/gr. (120,000 seeds/oz.) • Thousand seed weight: 0.25gr. • Spacing: every 15–20 cm. • 150-200,000 Plants/Ha.

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