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About Basil Seeds

Well maintained basil seeds are essential as the plant is an annual and requires planting yearly unless in year-around warm climates with the soil not dipping below fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

The necessity of high volumes of the seed is purchased as a matter of practically as opposed to the process of extracting from the plant’s flowers. When extracting seeds, the flowers need to be dried and removed cautiously. As some diseases in basil can be seed-borne, although not common, contamination can occur from one seed to another.

Therefore, signs of contaminated seeds should be detected and discarded prior to sale and planting. Fungal contamination can also exist in the soil and pass the problem on to the next crop.

Storage of basil seeds should be in a cool, dark and dry environment. In its proper environment, the seeds will last for up to 3 years before germination loss. All of our seeds are sorted and selected by experienced staff that knows what to look for and which pass high quality tests.

Seeds are a small part of the cost of producing the final product, therefore, we believe all cautions and quality checks must be thorough and complete prior to distribution.


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