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Drinks Made From Basil And Its Seeds

Sweet basil seed drink
Sweet basil seed drink is found in Thai or other Asian food stores in cans or can be easily made at home. It is a simple recipe of water, sugar and honey. Combine half cup of sugar or less if you don't like your drink as sweet, add three cups of water and a bit of honey. Stir this combination of ingredients and six teaspoons of sweet basil seed. The basil seeds will expand with a gelatinous texture and look clear with a dark dot-like center. It has been known in helping people to loose weight by curbing hunger and offers digestive benefits as well.
Basil tea
This tea tastes great either cold or hot. Begin with gently rinsing off the leaves as basil is easy to bruise and blacken. For tea, it is okay to leave the stems. Flowers taste the same but much milder than the leaves. Bring water to a mere boil and add to the basil. How much basil and how long you should keep it hot water will depend on individual personal taste preferences. For sweeteners you can use sugar, honey, agave sweetener or lemon to cut any bitter taste if present. Benefits of basil tea primarily help with digestion and stomach cramps.
Basil cocktails
The list of basil cocktails is endless. This herb can be added to many cocktail recipes similarly to mint. Popular basil cocktails range from martinis, mojito to lemon basil blossom. This ingredient will add freshness to a variety drinks, not only cocktails but to non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade, strawberry and other juices. To get the most flavor out of basil, it is recommended to muddle the leaves prior to introducing in all other ingredients, similar to making a mojito.

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