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Hybrid Basil Plants

The hybridization of different flavors and other characteristics.

A hybrid basil plant is when two or more select strains are combined
together resulting in a new variety. This process is called hybridization
which can occur naturally or scientifically.
A Filial 1 commonly known as an F1 hybrid are first generation of the plant. A second generation is F2 which is when two F1 strains are crossed. Various basil types contain desirable characteristics unique to their own strain.
Hybrids can contain a combination of two of more flavors such as lemon and cinnamon basils.
Hybrids are also developed to contain desirable characteristics that are
resistant to fungal diseases such as Fusarium wilt from too much water
retention, are more likely to repel insects, aphids, hornworms and other
There are over 150 different varieties of basil plants which are
in existence and new strains are developed throughout the world.
Certain basil varieties are more popular in certain regions than others. Thai basil is best for cooking while Holy basil contains more medicinal properties.
Genovese or sweet basil is amongst the most common in Italian recipes.
Another desired characteristic are strains which tend to be slower to bolt
as flowering negatively affects the flavor and life cycle of the basil

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