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Basil Compost Benefits

The addition of compost helps with improving the soil’s structure, including neutralizing pH balance in addition to keeping off diseases, saves water and increases nutrient content.
Synthetic fertilizers generally lack macro and micronutrients which are found in compost. Adding compost also releases nutrients at a slower rate and retains fertilizers better than when not utilized. When dealing with a sandy soil, compost helps it retain water at a greater rate. An added benefit for basil is that compost will break up particles in heavily bound soils such as clay, this allows for better drainage and aeration to prevent fungus growth. Organisms such as in worms and insects in compost enriched soil play a vital role in drainage and aeration. Compost added soil is less prone to diseases, erosion and nutrients being drained out. Lessened runoff from compost is attributable to the plant’s healthier roots.

Compost has the nutrients such as Nitrogen which is important to healthy plant growth, including basil. The presence and level of Nitrogen relies largely on the original components of the compost. Consequently, the availability of Nitrogen decreases with the maturity of the compost.


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