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Basil Seeds Organic Certification

Our seeds are 100 percent organic and certified by AGRIOR Ltd, Organic Inspection and Certification. All certificates are available online for inspection by our clients and prospective buyers looking to obtain the best planting seeds on the market. Seeds are thoroughly inspected and certified by AGRIOR Ltd and are in compliance with the highest organic product standards. We only distribute products free of genetically modified organism (GMO). Genesis Seeds Ltd. is a certified organic seed producer based in Israel, where genetically modified seeds are restricted by the Plant Protection Inspection Service (PPIS). All seeds are also thoroughly inspected and meet standards according to the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States. Our producers are certified to comply with the standards of Israel Bio Organic Agriculture Association (I.B.O.A.A.) and in compliance with International Foundation for Organic Agriculture (IFOAM) basic standards. IFOAM is represented in 117 counties with nearly 800 affiliates promoting worldwide ecologically, socially and economically sound systems utilizing organic agriculture principles.

We are certified by the following: State of Israel, Ministry of Agriculture – Exporter No. 2110226, State of Israel, Ministry of Agriculture – Seed selling permit No. 475, State of Israel, Ministry of Trade – Exporter No. 511814899, The Standards Institution of Israel - ISO 9001-2000 - ISO 14001, Agrior Ltd, Israeli Organic Inspection Organic Certified (IFOAM & EEC 9092/91), Agrior Ltd, Israeli Organic Inspection for North America (COR - 100% Organic Seeds), Israeli Department of Agriculture (IDA , PPIS), Organic Certified (EEC No. 2092/91) and the Israeli Department of Agriculture (IDA , PPIS) – Health Certified.

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